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Wharton Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference

The event waheld on Friday, January 20th at the Plaza Hotel and the topic of the conference was the Evolving Private Equity & Venture Capital Industry.This event was extremely valuable to the 20 students that attended the event. The panelist discussions ranged from Distressed Debt to Large Cap PE to […]


Spotlight on Internships in Alternative Investments

On Tuesday, February 7th, AIC is hosting a Spotlight on Internships in Alternative Investments. The event will host a panel style discussion with upperclassmen who have held internships across venture capital, private equity, endowments, hedge funds, etc. The event is held from 5:30-6:15in Flom Auditorium.This event is highly recommended to the freshmen and sophomores who are interested […]

FIRE “Large Scale Corporate Occupiers – The Tenant’s Perspective.”

AIC Fordham Real Estate Event: On February 15, 2017, FIRE (Fordham Initiative in Real Estate) will be hosting a real estate event titled, “Large Scale Corporate Occupiers – The Tenant’s Perspective.” The event will be held at Fordham University Lincoln Center, Gabelli School of Business, 140 West 62nd St. in Room G76 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm.